Awakened Yoga was opened in 2009 by Gloria Eichenauer as a result of a few like-minded people who wanted to practice their love of yoga together. Gloria cultivated the space for healing and growth until she moved to Arizona in 2014. She continues to support, inspire, and share her yoga knowledge when she visits Decatur. She can be found shining her light in Phoenix and on Facebook at Rise N Shine Hypnosis

I assumed ownership responsibilities in December 2014. I started practicing at Awakened in 2011. Having been on a weight loss journey that was heavily concentrated in cardiovascular exercise and weight training, I was ready for a something different. Little did I know I would find more than exercise at Awakened. While the physical postures were challenging in new ways, so were the mental aspects of the practice. Soon yoga became a form of therapy, challenging beliefs and limitations.  I had been on a journey that resulted in a 90 pound weight loss.  Yoga introduced a real change in mental status that the physical changes had not addressed. With the encouragement of Gloria, I completed a 100 hour teacher training with Hali Love of Multi Style Yoga Institute in the summer of 2014. It was transformative, further identifying limiting beliefs and encouraging personal growth. In late November of 2014, I stumbled upon the practice of BUTI yoga. At first judging it as “not real yoga", I soon changed my tune after just a few online classes. The opportunity to certify in BUTI yoga presented itself in early December 2014. Normally not one to make quick decisions, I went for it. BUTI yoga awakened a part of me that had been dormant, a confidence and freedom that had been missing. In October 2016, I completed my 200 hr RYT training in Playa Negra, Costa Rica with Hali Love. I continue to hold space for the light seekers who come through The Studio's doors. It is truly a place of love and healing and I am happy to share it. 

I feel a calling to inspire others to let their own unique light shine. All of your answers lie within, you just have to become still enough to hear them.   I encourage everyone to explore various yoga practices. If my yoga is not resonating with you, seek and find another style or teacher that will. 



Come out of the masses. Stand alone like a lion and live your life according to your own light.

What Yoga Offers

  • Lower stress levels
  • Relief from chronic and acute pain
  • Increased strength 
  • Increased mobility
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Supports a healthy weight 
  • Increased healthy sexual function